The general answer to this question depends on what level of works were carried out to make your installation possible. If there was builder/plaster works carried out to create a finished opening for the stove, Then generally 48hrs after works being completed would suffice for plasters/lime mortars etc to cure.

If the install was a freestanding one with a complete twin wall flue system then there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from lighting it straight away.

Remember, The first few fires you light should be small ones to allow paint on stove to fully cure and bed the flue system in gently, Once the stove is lit for the first time there is the possibility your room may fill with “smelly fog” This is just the newness of your stove burning off as the paintwork on the stove has never been subjected to heat. Don’t be alarmed by this, just open a window for the first few burn cycles to allow the fumes to clear.

This really depends on a number of factors, such as the type of fuel you burn (wood or coal) the frequency you burn it (all day every day or just evenings and weekends) the type of appliance (stove or boiler stove) and how you burn it (regular burning or continuous slumbering)

As a guide:

  • Smokeless fuel – Once a year,
  • Seasoned hardwood timber - Twice a year,
  • Bituminous house coal – Twice a year

Remember bituminous house coal isn’t an approved fuel for most stove manufacturers.

Yes, we are SEPA registered waste carriers (Registration Number WCR/R/1159404) and can transfer all rubbish materials on completion of works.

We frequently get asked this question as some people jump straight in feet first without considering what they are buying, (mmmnn, that looks nice!, And its cheap! ....proceed to checkout!)

If you are looking for a cheap stove please consider safety and wellbeing before anything else. Remember, they are cheap for a reason, usually it is because they are non-compliant and don’t have any accreditation let alone plain English instructions.

Whilst we do not promote the purchasing of cheap stoves off the net we still get asked to install them, Please do not take offence when we politely decline. What we will do is best advise where to go and see good appliances in the flesh so you can do the touchy feely exercise before you decide.

This is possibly the most frequently answered, The simple answer to this question is yes, We could do your installation a bit cheaper, perhaps to match a competitors / builders quotation, but the long and short of it is we would probably have to use lesser quality materials.

In order to compare; put all of your quotations together and make sure they are offering the same level of service - using exactly the same products and are able to issue you with certificates to ensure all works are done to the required standards (Document J of the current building regulations). Nine times out of ten the quotations people receive for works are vastly different from what we are providing. To enable a quotation to be competitive, please ensure you study them carefully.